Final Song

Last summer everybody was listening to Final Song by Mø. It was everywhere. Final Song was constantly played in the radio, at parties and even in Germany.

It was one of those songs that gets stuck in your head and no matter where you went you would hear people humming it.

It had an easy chorus that was relatively relatable and made good sense. One of those chorus that you can sing along with already second time you hear it, which is an important step if you want to write a summer hit.

This is one of those songs that just make you happy when you hear it.

You could compare it to Kongenshave that was a big hit the summer 3 years ago. It was upbeat but during the verses it slows down a bit, something else they have in common is that the lyrics don’t necessarily match the melody, while the melody is happy the text is about being heartbroken.

I will give it 5/7 stars for always raising the mood, being so recognizable and easy to sing along with.


Olli’O as a song

Olli’O is a character from the book “Where did you go Bernadette”.

I chose the song Soon Forget by Pearl Jam.

I chose this song because of the lyrics. Olli’O is hired to help make Galerstreet Middle School more popular amongst rich parents.

His main concern is money, which brings us back to the song.

In the first line of soon forget says “sorry is the fool who trades his soul for a corvette ” which is one of the many lines that hit home while looking for the perfect song to describe him. Olli’O doesn’t care about much more than the “Mercedes parents ” and their money. He wants it and that is his main goal. He is selling his soul with desperation in his emails to the parents.

Also that the song is played on ukulele gives it more attention, since it only has the lyrics that  accompanies it. In the same way Olli’O goes far to be unique and catch people’s attention with slogans in bold letters and too much pep in his talk. The only one who really accompanies him is Audrey.

Ukulele like Olli’O doesn’t fall in everyone’s taste and either you like it or you hate it.

The only thing about the song that in my personal opinion doesn’t fit Olli’O is the pace of the song.

Over all I would say the song fits pretty well if you look at it like if Olli’O is the person who wants the money.

(Link coming soon)

The key to revitalizing a language is by motivating a new generation of speakers.

We all know this world is becoming smaller and smaller. English has become the global language we are all forced to know. Already from an early age we have to learn it because English is the best way to get in touch with the rest of the world.

But are we starting to forget our own languages? In Australia hundreds of aboriginal languages have gone extinct already because English took over. The real question is who’s job is it to keep languages alive?

I grew up as a bilingual, even though my parents could have chosen the easy way and only taught me one. It was always a big value and pride in my family  to speak our mother tongues no matter how big or small the language might be.

They chose to teach each other their languages and that’s the only way to keep languages alive, by teaching them to others. If a language keeps being spoken even by a few people and those people teach their kids a new generation will grow up with this language and it will slowly spread.

If we forget our languages we forget a part of our roots. This languages are our history and our future, letting our languages die is letting part of our cultures die. Do we really want to let globalization make English the only language? Do we want to give up all the beautiful languages our ancestors created and have kept developing to this day?

So keep teaching your languages to anyone who wants to learn it, teach it to your kids and make it value to sustain it.  This way it will never just become another unpronounceable language you only hear about in a history book.

Inside Facebook’s (Totally Insane, Unintentionally Gigantic, Hyperpartisan) Political-Media Machine


I found this article earlier and I thought I wanted to share what it is about.

Facebook is a big part of most peoples lives and that makes it really powerful. In America 200 million out of 320 million people use Facebook. These people post pictures, videos and most important of all thoughts.

There are adds that try to convince you to buy stuff and they don’t affect you so much, you just scroll past. But when your family members, friends and acquaintances write and share thoughts through pictures, videos and posts it catches your attention.

This has affected people. People who didn’t used to care about politics are suddenly interested, lies are spread about politicians and things are twisted so they support the point of view the poster believes in.

facebook has now become a part of politics and one of the places where most political discussions are taking place. Facebook is becoming a really powerful place regarding politics since we affect each other through what we post.

Here is a link for anyone interested in reading it